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We have updated our ECO Tool to New 25% Low Income Areas under CSCO.
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Subscription Appeal

The Subscription Service and Donations

  • As it is apparent from this ECO Tool, a lot of time, resources and expertise have been put into this project but there has been no financial help from any other sources except the founder and the LSOA Team.

  • After 1-Year of providing this ECO Tool for FREE, we have been forced to introduce a Subscription Service.

  • In order to continue meeting development and administration expenses of this tool, we kindly appeal to your generosity so that we can provide the best service for this Energy Company Obligation and any future ones.

  • Please support us by subscribing.

  • Thank you in advance for promoting L.S.O.A. ECO Tool
About LSOA

The ECO Tool - Application

  • Collection of demographic data for super outputs areas across the UK.
  • Visualisation tool that dynamically generate boundaries of super output areas through a search mechanism.
  • Dynamic interaction with super output area boundaries to get information and statistics.
  • Supports the operations of beneficiaries of this website to geographically identify, locate and report deprived LSOA Areas on a map with a list of postcode coverage and adjoining areas.


  • Search by postcode, LSOA Code or Local Authority.
  • View information or report about the searched area.
  • Downloadable Standard, Premium and Tailored Reports.
  • Filters map data by using Local Authority Boundaries, LSOA Areas and Adjacent Areas.