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*NEW* Introducing Property Mapper! Free for now!

The interactive map for identifying properties by income.

You can now identify if a marketed property is in a low income, high income, urban or rural area using our interactive mapping tool!

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This Property Mapper is powered by Zoopla.

*NEW* Our tool covers the 25% lowest income areas under CSCO

Our ECO Tool is up to date with the extension of the CSCO element of ECO from 15% to 25% Low Income Areas. However, we have kept the old (15% Low Income) System for historical data checking for those who are interested in it while the new 25% Low Income Areas System has become the default. Both systems are running from this (same) website for easy comparison and use.

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YES, you need to separate postcodes with a comma ",". For example CA5 5AD, CA15 6TR, CA5 7ER


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What are Super Output Areas?

Super Output Areas are a geography for the collection and publication of small area statistics. They are used on the Neighbourhood Statistics site and across National Statistics. There are currently two layers of SOA, Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA).

What are Lower Layer Super Output Areas?

SOAs with an average of roughly 1,500 residents and 650 households. Measures of proximity (to give a reasonably compact shape) and social homogeneity (to encourage areas of similar social background) are also included.
(Note: the specific homogeneity criteria used related to type of dwelling - eg, detached/semi-detached etc. - and nature of tenure - eg, owner-occupied, private rented etc.).

1.09% of LSOAs were changed following the 2011 Census in order to maintain the characteristics described above. There are now 34,753 LSOAs in England and Wales.

What are Lower Layer Super Output Areas?

SOAs with a minimum size of 5,000 residents and 3,000 households with an average population size of 7,500. They fit within local authority boundaries.
Following the 2011 Census 0.11% of MSOAs were changed in order to maintain minimum and average population criteria. There are now 7,201 MSOAs in England and Wales.


ECO Tool Guide - How To Use (coming soon)

Meanwhile, please [ TAKE A TOUR ] of the ECO Tool to see some of the operations, searches and results produced by this tool.